Workshop sobre Kant e minicurso “Philosophy of Human Rights”

14/11/2017 10:30

Workshop on Kant’s Religion within the Boundaries of Pure Reason

Thomas Mertens (Nijmegen) & Alessandro Pinzani
From Mondary November 27th to Friday December 01st
Room: 210 Bl. D (Nefipo/CIK)
Hours: 09 to 12
Bibliography: Any edition of Kant’s text in English, German or other languages
We shall read and comment the text all together, concentrating on the first two books.

Minicurso: Philosophy of Human Rights
Ministrante: prof. dr. Thomas Mertens (Nijmegen)
Horário: 14:00-16:00
Dia e local:
27/11 – Sala 332

28/11 – Sala 324

30/11 – Sala 324

01/12 – Sala de usos múltiplos do Depto de Geociencias

Programação do minicurso: Course Florianopolis