Graduate Program – Philosophy Department

Since its inception, in 1997, the Graduate Program of the Philosophy Department (PPGFIL) at UFSC has been recognized as one of the most prominent programs in philosophy among the Brazilian universities. It received Grade 6 in the last evaluation (2013) of graduate programs in Brazil by the funding agency CAPES, which means that it is a program of outstanding quality (CAPES’ score ranges up to 7, with 7 being the highest grade). It is located at the Center of Philosophy and Human Sciences (CFH) and is connected to the Research and Graduate Studies Pro-Rector.

The Department offers Graduate M.A. and Ph.D. studies in Philosophy and receives not only students graduated in Philosophy, but also those from other areas, like Psychology, Math, History, Law School, Physics, and so on. Visiting Scholars and Post-Doctoral Students are also welcome to develop their research in partnership with our professors. Throughout the years, the PPGFIL has accepted students from other countries, either by means of the annual selection or coming through partnerships with international bodies resulting in inter-institutional agreements, as with those of the Organization of American States (OEA), the Radboud Universiteit de Nijmegen (Netherlands) (NUFFIC/CAPES), and the Program of Students – Graduate Programs Covenant (PECPG/CAPES/CNPq), which allows students coming from countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Caribbean to study in Brazil.

The PPGFIL is structured as follows: the Coordination (coordinator and sub coordinator), the Program Collegiate (coordination, representative professors – one of each area, and two students (one master’s student and one doctorate’s student), and the Scholarship Commission (coordinator, a representative professor and a representative student).

At the moment, there are 26 Permanent Professors and 03 Auxiliary Professors working in the following areas: Ethics and Political Philosophy, Logic and Epistemology, and Ontology (see the tab “Areas of Concentration, Research Fields, and Professors”). Classes occur according to the calendar of the University, whose semesters typically correspond to the months of March-June and August-December.

Dissertations and thesis coming from the PPGFIL have been awarded for their excellence by funding agencies as CAPES and CNPq, or associations like ANPOF (National Association of Graduate Philosophy). In recent years, we can mention: Jonas R. Becker Arenhart has received the ANPOF award and also honorable mention by CAPES in 2012 for his Ph.D thesis “Discussions on quantum non-individuality”, Joel Thiago Klein has received honorable mention by CAPES in 2013 with his Ph.D thesis “Kant and the Idea of Universal History within the boundaries of Reason”, and Amaro de Oliveira Fleck has received CAPES award of best Ph.D thesis in 2016, with his work “Theodor W. Adorno: a Critic in the Golden Age of Capitalism”, among others. Professors of the Department are also recognized by their excellence, as Alessandro Pinzani, who has been granted with the Karl-Otto Apel International Award of Philosophy.